Are you taken? Do you believe in ldr?

I’m not taken, but i do have crushes. For example, i have a crush on this girl i saw 4 days ago, i’ve seen her for like 3 seconds, and i’ll probably never see her again. But she smiled at me and i smiled at her and basically i kinda really do have a crush on her. And long distance relationships.. Hmf. Yea. They’re lovely, kinda i’ve been in several a long time ago. But they always made me feel even more lonely. It would feel like reading a book. Believing a fantasy. A fictional story about a relationship. And it was very romantic and it did make me feel happy and loved. But it also made me feel that the person i had a ldr with was in love with someone else. Sure she loved me, but that “me” wasn’t me.. Get it? It’s the fictional character we created in our ldr. So no. I don’t believe in Ldr. I want to wake up late on a rainy sunday with her. I want to go get lost in the woods and walk hand in hand. Do stupid little things like climbing on top of a mac donalds or play mikado at 3 am. And… Go offline, be together, with no facebook, tumblr, cellphone, nothing. Together.

There’s just something about people writing your name with pen and paper.
Feels pretty amazing if you ask me. (:

hey when are you coming back from your journey? :) or do you answer this as youre back again? tell us everything. how was/is it? :)

It. Is. So amazing! I won’t be able to describe it in such a short time (just have wifi for a little while), so when i get back i’ll give you a full 10 page long story on how it was. Until then, i’ll post some picture in a sec. Hold on. Thank you for asking though, you’re pretty sweet! (: